Star Wars Clone Wars Flamethrower Clone Trooper Fi

  • Join the Clone Wars with these thrilling figures, each packaged with a fun game piece!
  • Exciting 3 3/4-inch Star Wars action figures in an animated style.
  • Clone Wars Flamethrower Clone includes flamethrower, two fire pieces, and a rifle!
  • Figures are loaded with awesome features!
Star Wars returns to television, and this exciting collection brings back some old favorites, as well as a number of new faces

Star Wars Titanium Series Clone Trooper Die-Cast F

The 3 3/4-inch scale Clone Trooper die cast metal figure is individually packaged in a special display case. Born and bred to protect and serve the Jedi and the Galactic Republic, the clone troopers are superior warriors in comparison to the Separatist droid armies. Once Palpatine issues Order 66, the clone troopers turn on their Jedi masters and systematically hunt them down all over the galaxy. The clone troopers are now loyal members of the army of the Galactic Empire, serving the newly self-appointed Emperor Palpatine without question.

Prepare for a whole new way to collect your favorite characters with Titanium Series Figures! Each figure comes in a specially designed display case, and for added security, the figure, base, and lid are fastened by screws (easily removed with a common Philips head screwdriver) which gives each piece a secure, heavy feel.

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Star Wars Battle Packs 2012 Wave 1 Set

  • Thrilling and dynamic Star Wars Battle Packs!
  • Heroic Jedi and evil Sith action figures with accessories.
  • Unforgettable characters spanning the entire Star Wars saga.
  • Galactic Battle Game pieces in every box!
Are you ready to join in some of the most famous battles in Star Wars history? These awesome battle packs bring you an amazing assortment of Jedi, Sith, and other characters from a variety of planets that span the entire Star Wars saga. Whether you prefer to wage war or steal some valuable artifacts, this is a great place to start! The battle packs include multiple 3 3/4-inch scale action figures with accessories, plus Galactic Battle Game pieces! Ages 4 and up.

This Wave 1 set includes 3 individually packaged battle packs (subject to change):
1x Star Wars Rebel Heroes
1x Attack of the Clones Arena Battle
1x Clone Wars Republic Troopers

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Star Wars Animated Darth Vader Character Key

  • He may be a cartoon, but he can still destroy you!
  • The biggest baddie of them all!
  • Intricately detailed, limited edition.
He may be a cartoon, but he can still destroy you! Darth Vader is the ultimate villain

Star Wars Yoda Fleece Bath Robe Kids Small

Have your kids prep themselves for a day of teaching others in the way of the Force in this Star Wars Yoda Kids Small Fleece Bath Robe. This bath robe comes in a smooth cream/green color and includes Yoda ears for full effect. Matching cream belt included. Polyester fleece. 3/4 length. 31-inches from the shoulder to the bottom of the robe. It will fit most children 4 to 6 years old. 100% Polyester.

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