So What’s the Fuss About Node.JS?

Site Point - Node.JS

Site Point - Node.JS

You may have heard about Node.JS and wondered what the heck it was. Well, it's pretty cool. It's built on Google's V8 Javascript engine. It's used for quickly writing fast, scalable network applications. Node.JS is geared towards creating real-time interactivity on the web. If you've wanted to program chat application, a stock ticker, or anything that required instant data updating pushed out to thousands of users, Node.JS is what you've been looking for. I picked up the book "Jump Start Node.JS" from SitePoint. I've mentioned SitePoint before, I really do love their books. You can also check out the Node.JS group at

OMG’s Programmer Defined Ringer Tee

OMG's programmer shirt

OMG's programmer shirt

An awesome geek t-shirt from Omni Mega Global Media - "programmer".

The "programmer" ringer tee features a more accurate definition of what a programmer is.

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What’s your favorite online programming resource?

Do you have a favorite web site you hit when confronted with a programming issue? Is there a certain "go to guy", so to speak?

I've used sites like SitePoint and to learn a lot about various programming languages and tools. I like the specials that SitePoint runs and their articles have a lot of great examples. Even though I've bought quite a few of their books and even taken some online courses they offer, I still find my self gravitating to some of their articles, because they are a convenient way to look up the information I need quickly.'s online tutorials are very well done, and reasonably priced. I use the $25 a month option and have access to really in depth videos on a wide variety of topics. I have to admit, when I first went to the site, I thought the videos were way too short, then I realized that the times were in hours and minutes, not minutes and seconds.

So, there are two of the online resources that I use. What do you use?