Megaman X Zero Type 2 Action Figure

Straight out of the Megaman X video game! The articulation and detail on Zero in his type 2 form is great, down to his long hair, red suit, and energy sword. This excellent Megaman X Zero Type 2 Action Figure stands over 5-inches tall! Ages 15 and up.

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Mega Man 25th Anniversary D-Arts Action Figure

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Capcom's original Japanese game release of Mega Man, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the long-awaited and highly-requested release of classic Mega Man into the ranks of the advanced D-Arts high-articulation action figure series! Fan feedback was critical in the design of this set, which also features a Rush action figure as well as the villainous hardhat-wearing Met! Superior articulation allows for recreating a variety of action poses. Also included in this amazingly great Mega Man 25th Anniversary D-Arts Action Figure set is an extensive array of accessory parts such as shot effect parts, as well as 2 interchangeable face parts, additional right arm Mega Buster parts and Mega Buster barrel opening part, an interchangeable right arm, and interchangeable left/right hand parts. Measures over 4-inches tall.

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Mega Man Bobble Budd Bobble Head Set

It's Mega Man, Proto Man, Guts Man, and Elec Man from the Mega Man video game series! Each figure stands 3 1/2-inches tall and captures the retro feel of the original Capcom games on NES. Mega Man, Guts Man, and Elec Man all made their debuts in the original Mega Man, but Proto Man didn't show up outside of prototype form until Mega Man 3. Now's your chance to own them all as awesomely designed bobble heads that make great office and home decoration! Not only do they bobble but they feature unique sculpted weapons specific to the characters and their in-game game attributes.

This set contains 4 individually packaged bobble heads (subject to change):
1x Mega Man
1x Proto Man
1x Guts Man
1x Elec Man

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Mega Man Roll Plastic Model Kit

  • Roll, keeping your collection nice and tidy!
  • Cute female robot from Mega Man.
  • Detailed and articulated, with plenty of interchangeable parts!
Standing just over 5-inches tall (1:10 scale), this cute robot girl features 30 points of articulation and comes with multiple tampo-printed eye and face options, as well as interchangeable clothing and hands!

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