Halo Reach Series 6 Action Figure Case

  • Humanity vs. the Covenant

Halo 4 Series 2 Spartan CIO Team Purple Action Fig

  • A Spartan CIO from the Halo 4 video game!
  • Articulated figure stands 6-inches tall.
  • Spartan CIO comes with a Designated Marksman Rifle!
The fragging fun of Microsoft Studios' Halo 4 video game need not be limited to your TV screen when you've got the detailed, articulated Halo 4 Series 2 Spartan CIO Team Purple Action Figure! The Spartan CIO action figure features a distinctive helmet with 3 optical sensors, purple armor, and the Designated Marksman Rifle, a popular mid-range UNSC weapon first introduced in Halo: Reach. You can't go wrong making this Series 2 Spartan CIO action figure a gift for the gamer in your family!

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Halo Anniversary Series 2 Captain Jacob Keyes Acti

  • Celebrate 10 years of the Halo franchise with this Captain Jacob Keyes action figure!
  • Collect all figures to build a 3D version of the logo of the United Nations Space Command!
  • From Halo: Combat Evolved comes Captain Jacob Keyes!
Captain Jacob Keyes is the first person players ever saw in the original Halo video game. This figure features Keyes in a sharp gray military uniform. Figure comes with the fan-favorite magnum pistol and the banner piece of the UNSC logo. Measures about 5-inches tall. Ages 8 and up.

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Halo Micro Ops Series 1 Banshee and Elite Figures

The Halo Micro Ops Series 1 Banshee Mini Vehicle comes with 2x Elite figures for 3 total pieces. Banshee (Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft), is a large Covenant (enemy) vehicle typically used for reconnaissance, ground support, and ground attack missions.

McFarlane Toys expands its long-running, best-selling line of Halo collectibles with the addition of Halo Micro Ops! The Micro Ops Series consists of ultra-detailed miniature figures, vehicles, and locations from the entire Halo universe, at roughly 15-millimeter scale (1:100). Halo Micro Ops covers the Halo universe from the tiniest Grunt figure to the largest Scarab vehicle, with all the pieces perfectly in scale with one another. And Halo Micro Ops delivers the whole package with all of the amazing detail and game accuracy that McFarlane Toys is famous for. Collectors can recreate their favorite Halo moments from campaign, multiplayer, or firefight

Halo Reach Series 4 Grunt Major Action Figure

  • Humanity vs. the Covenant