Halo Reach Series 5 Weapon Pack

  • Need more firepower for your action figure collection?
  • Build your Halo armory with this assortment of weapons from the Halo: Reach video game!
  • Includes a wide variety of both UNSC and Covenant weapons.
  • Humanity vs. the Covenant

Halo 4 Series 2 Commander Thomas Lasky Action Figu

  • Thomas Lasky from the Halo 4 video game!
  • Articulated figure stands 6-inches tall.
  • Commander Lasky comes with a Magnum pistol and holster!
The fragging fun of Microsoft Studios' Halo 4 video game need not be limited to your TV screen when you've got the detailed, articulated Halo 4 Series 2 Commander Thomas Lasky Action Figure! A senior officer of the UNSC Infinity, Commander Thomas Lasky was first introduced in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, and this figure represents the officer as he appears in Halo 4 with a UNSC fleet officer's uniform, armed with the standard Magnum pistol that fits into the action figure's holster. You can't go wrong making this Series 2 Commander Thomas Lasky action figure a gift for the gamer in your family!

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Halo Anniversary Dutch Action Figure

  • Celebrate 10 years of the Halo franchise with these action figures!
  • Collect all figures to build a Difficulty Plaque!
  • Your favorite characters from previous series, brought back and better than ever!
The heavy weapons specialist of Buck's ODST squad joins our action figure lineup: Corporal Taylor H. Miles, better known as Dutch. This figure is in scale with previous Halo 3: ODST figures, so Dutch won't look out of place with his teammates. Figure comes with Dutch's signature weapon, the Spartan Laser. Dutch also comes with a Frag Grenade and the right half of the Easy Difficulty Plaque. Measures about 4 1/2-inches tall and has 26 moving parts! Ages 8 and up.

The Difficulty Plaque is the first Halo build-a-figure item. This iconic symbol has been featured in every Halo game, and is the perfect emblem to celebrate ten years of Halo. The Difficulty Plaque is only available by collecting these special Anniversary figures, and the more you collect, the higher the difficulty you can create! The completed plaque measures approximately 3 1/2-inches tall, and comes with attachments for displaying it on a desk or hanging it on a wall. Collect all five pieces!

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Halo Micro Ops Series 2 Covenant Watchtower Mini-F

  • The Covenant Watchtower from the video game Halo: Reach!
  • Includes 2 Jackal Sniper and 1 Jackal Major mini-figures.
  • Covenant Watchtower pack makes a great gift for Halo fans!
Take the fun of Microsoft Studios' Halo: Reach video game with you wherever you go with this Halo Micro Ops Series 2 Covenant Watchtower Pack! Included in the pack are the Covenant Watchtower from Halo: Reach, 2 Jackal Snipers with Needle Rifles, and Jackal Major with Needler. The Covenant Watchtower features a working gravity lift that elevates figures from the ground level to the top. Mini-figure sizes are 1:100 scale. Bring the on-screen fun to school, your work desk, or bedroom with the Halo Micro Ops Series 2 Covenant Watchtower pack!

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Halo Legends: The Package Spartan Action Figure 3-

  • It's an awesome 3-pack of action figures from Halo Legends: The Package!
  • Exciting Halo Legends The Package Spartan Action Figure 3-Pack features 3 Spartan action figures with authentic accessories.
  • Each action figure measures 6-inches tall.
3 This excellent Halo Legends: The Package Spartan Action Figure 3-Pack includes the most famous Spartan of them all, the Master Chief. This version of John-117 is McFarlane Toys' first action figure from the larger Halo universe of animation, novels, and comic books. Showcasing a more animated-style sculpt and updated paint, the Master Chief Action Figure includes the distinctive white stripes and numbering seen in the thrilling Halo Legends: The Package animated adventure. The Master Chief action figure comes equipped for battle with his trusty standard-issue Marine-grade Assault Rifle. Along with Master Chief, it's the debut of the Lieutenant Fredic-104 Action Figure. Frederic-104 has often been deployed with the Master Chief, usually on the most dangerous and important missions. A veteran of over 120 campaigns, this high-ranking, natural leader comes in his slate gray armor with custom white striping and Spartan number. Fred's armor features his unique helmet, and the shoulder-mounted combat knives that he uses with lethal efficiency during the mission to retrieve their objective from the Covenant. This sweet action figure also includes Frederic-104's signature weapon, the Spartan Laser. Fred's 2 combat knives are removable, and can be stored in his shoulder armor, just as seen in The Package. Debuting alongside of Lieutenant Frederic-104 is the Petty Officer Kelly-087 Action Figure! Kelly-087 is the fastest of all the Spartan-II soldiers with quick reflexes and reaction times that are far greater than any other human. McFarlane's Kelly action figure was created from a unique sculpt, capturing the lighting-fast Spartan exactly as she appeared in the animated Halo Legends film. The figure features Kelly in her white Mark IV EVA armor with yellow stripes and black Spartan number. Kelly comes equipped with a Shotgun, the perfect weapon for the close-quarters combat of fighting through a Covenant capital ship.

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