Kindle Fire – Christmas Sleeper Hit?

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I made a pitstop today at Sam's Club and they had a Kindle Fire on display, so I took a few minutes and played around with the demos. I was actually impressed with the speed, the size and the response of the Fire and really for under $200, I think it's a nice alternative to an iPad for people that really don't need all the things an iPad can do.

The Kindle Fire can browse the web and since its content is on the cloud as opposed to the device, it doesn't need a lot of memory.

I think if I were to be looking for a tablet as a gift from my parents, who are both in their 60s, I think the Fire would be the one I would go with. The Fire may be the surprise sleeper hit of Christmas 2011


Okay, so this has been around for a while, but I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my wife that I need this.

I mean, c'mon you can control it with your iPad or iPhone, plus it has two cameras - me likey!

[via Parrot AR.Drone]

Evernote’s iPad Screen Flap App

Evernote ingeniously uses the iPad2's magnetic dust cover to control its Peek app. The dust cover is held in place by magnets and when you lift a flap, the iPad wakes up which triggers the app.

It's probably the coolest flash card you'll ever see. My iPad 1 seems so lame now.

[via FastCompany]

Conan’s Take on the iPad 2

Perhaps Apple is getting a little cocky.

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The Daily on Android?

According to TG Daily, Rupert Murdoch's digital newspaper, "The Daily", may soon be available on Android devices.

According to a report on news site All Things Digital, Murdoch likes what he has seen out of Android 3.0, also known as Honeycomb.

According to Google, Honeycomb is optimized for tablets. The upcoming onslaught on Android 3.0 tablets may shake up Apple's current stranglehold on tablet computing. I'd be thrilled if it'll support Flash and print to my network printer without having to buy apps that may or may not work.

[via TG Daily]