Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Epyon Action Figure

The ultimate rival Mobile Suit of the Wing Zero comes to the ranks of the Robot Spirits line! Featuring original workable wings and the ability to transform into mobile dragon-mode, the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Epyon Action Figure has tons of articulation and looks amazing. The figure comes with interchangeable parts to allow for a more thorough dragon motif depiction, massive and normal sized beam sword and accessories for heat rod whip (fully articulated), a full array of interchangeable hand parts and additional armor parts for mobile mode. Measures nearly 5 1/2-inches tall.

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Gundam 00 Exia Ignition Mode Model Kit

  • From Gundam 00!
  • Detailed and intricate Master Grade 1:100 scale quality!
  • Build, customize, admire!
The Gundam 00 Exia Ignition Mode Master Grade model kit is 1:100 scale. Gundam Exia can be built with a light-up GN Drive (two LED units are included to light up its chest and back) with this Ignition Mode release, but also, it comes with repair parts to build the battle-damaged Mobile Suit as seen in the first episode of the second season of Gundam 00! Shiny silver-coating blades for its GN Long Blade, GN Short Blade, and GN Sword are included, too! The popular machine comes sharply molded in color and incredibly flexible upon completion. It can hold various dynamic action poses as well as signature stances seen in the show, and detail is spot-on with intricate mechanisms realized on its highly-articulated inner frame as we've come to expect from an MG release. Clear green lenses are provided for its chest, and sides of its head, elbows, and knees, while all cord sections on the body utilizes hologram parts and clear parts so you can view its mechanisms underneath. Repair parts consisting of a battle-damaged head and GN Sword's blade, and cloak are packed in this set for building a partially repaired Gundam Exia. Its complete Seven Sword System are provided that consists of a GN Long Blade, a GN Short Blade, two GN Beam Daggers, two GN Beam Sabers, a GN Sword that can switch between rifle mode and gun mode, plus a GN Shield with sides that can slide out. A dedicated clear base is also included for displaying the detachable GN Drive, and a red cover part can be attached to the back of Gundam Exia in place of the GN Drive. Two same-scale figures (molded in white) of Setsuna in standing and sitting poses are packed in the set along with foil stickers, dry transfer stickers, and MG Gundam Exia original marking stickers for detail. Four button batteries are required, not included.

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Gundam AGE 3 Orbital High Grade 1:144 Scale Model

The upgraded Mobile Suit piloted by one of the main protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Kio Asuno's Gundam AGE-3 Orbital! This Gundam AGE 3 Orbital High Grade 1:144 Scale Model Kit provides a high level of detail at 1:144 scale. Plus, it comes complete with detachable beam rifle!

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Gundam 00 Kyrios 1:100 Scale Model Kit

  • Build!
  • Detail!
  • Customize!
This Kyrios model kit is 1:100 scale and made of plastic. Transforms to mobile armor. Chest lens and belt parts made with special material. Double joint system in arms for maximum movement. Shield can be turned into claw form. Various wrists included. Foil stickers included. Beam rifle, beam sabers and shield included.

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Gundam Unicorn Juaggu High Grade 1:144 Scale Model

  • Directly out of the Gundam Unicorn anime series!
  • Juaggu Zaku, as an Advanced Grade 1:144 scale model kit!
  • Awesome articulation for battle poses!
Get your favorite Gundam Unicorn Zaku figure with this incredibly detailed Gundam Unicorn Advanced Grade model kit! This excellent kit has an incredible level of detail, as always with the High Grade Gundam model kits. Gundam Unicorn Juaggu Zaku figure stands almost 5 1/2-inches tall and has incredible articulation for dynamic posing when completed. Skill level 3.

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