So What’s the Fuss About Node.JS?

Site Point - Node.JS

Site Point - Node.JS

You may have heard about Node.JS and wondered what the heck it was. Well, it's pretty cool. It's built on Google's V8 Javascript engine. It's used for quickly writing fast, scalable network applications. Node.JS is geared towards creating real-time interactivity on the web. If you've wanted to program chat application, a stock ticker, or anything that required instant data updating pushed out to thousands of users, Node.JS is what you've been looking for. I picked up the book "Jump Start Node.JS" from SitePoint. I've mentioned SitePoint before, I really do love their books. You can also check out the Node.JS group at

Google Ups Apps Space to 16 Terabytes

According to, Google is increasing the storage space for Google Apps to an astonishing 16 Terabytes. Keep in mind you are paying for the storage, but considering 1TB of App space is only $256 a year, that's a pretty reasonable price for what you get.

16TB will set you back over $4k, but since you can scale up, you only pay for the tier you need. The plan doesn't cover GMail, which still has a 25GB limit per user - which is 12.5 times the storage space I have for my primary domain email.

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