How to see Gizmodo’s old layout

Warning - this only works so far on the iPad. You may be able to spoof your user-agent to show up as an iPad, but I haven't tried it yet and I can't guarantee this trick will work for long.

If you go to on the iPad and then select a story - you do indeed get the old layout. Unfortunately it does not work for Lifehacker.

Since the new Gizmodo layout, well, stinks from a usability stand point, what other tech news sites do you use?

Gizmodo’s new design not popular

Tech web site Gizmodo recently launched it's redesigned site, much to the chagrin of it's readers. The comments on Gizmodo are often harsh and they lit up the torches when the new design came out.

Commentor dagman wrote:

This will be my last post. I've suffered this new layout for a week and the number of times that I've come back to Gizmodo has fallen to just once per day. Today I'm finally giving up. I've commented here for several years, earned myself a star, a few followers and had a goo time I've had enough. So many "articles" are now only one or two sentences long with a link to another site.

I went to my profile and there seems to be no way that I can delete it so it will still be here but I'm following the time honoured tradition of voting with my feet.

So long, thanks for all the fish.

Commentor pnjdtplxiiiesq wrote:

This new layout is horrible i used to be an avid giz reader but since the new layout ive been to giz like two or three times in the past week its so hard to look at anything. So disappointing

Many readers are upset and say they can only take the site in small doses before they get mad and leave. A way around this headache is to use the mobile Gizmodo site. It's basically an enhanced RSS feed. The mobile site trick should work for all the Gawker sites and as a bonus, there are no ads. Not that the ads on the old Giz bothered me anyway.