I Love You Sith Much

If you love Star Wars, the Funko 6-inch tall Star Wars Wacky Wisecracks Darth Vader I Love You Sith Much! Vinyl Figure Bobble Head is a great way to say your feelings! This collectible plastic Wacky Wisecracks bobble head is molded in black plastic and sports a painted wash on his armor while he gives a big hug gesture. Awwwww. Base included in measurement. Ages 5 and up. Figure comes in a polybag.

Price: $10.99

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Are you threatening me? – Great Cornholio

Beavis and Butt-Head Great Cornholio Bobble Head

Beavis and Butt-Head Great Cornholio Bobble Head

From the Beavis and Butt-Head TV series, comes The Great Cornholio. Beavis' alter persona is just as crazy as he is! This 6-inch tall bobble head utters the following 5 unforgettable phrases when shaken (subject to change):
    "Are you threatening me?"
  • "Where I come from, we have no bunghole."
  • "I am the Great Cornholio!"
  • "I need T.P. for my bunghole."
  • "You will give me T.P., Bungholio?"

Price: $12.99

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Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Coming in November 2011

    From the popular phone-app game everyone loves: Angry Birds!
  • All your favorite oinkers and birds!
  • Build, launch, and destroy!
Save the Angry Birds! The game of exciting skill and action based on the bestselling phone app Angry Birds On Thin Ice lets players build, launch, and destroy with fun features, including pigs with helmets, breakable ice-block building pieces, an exploding TNT box, and the large red bird character. Players draw a card and build the structure shown before their opponents launch Angry Birds in an attempt to knock down the structure-- and the pigs-- to win points! Includes 2 Angry Birds, 3 green pigs, a slingshot-style catapult launcher, structure pieces, and mission cards. 2 to 4 players. Ages 5 and up.

Price: $17.99

Age: 5+ Number of Players: 2 to 4

Amazon’s starts the Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire

So, Amazon debuted it's the Kindle Fire on Wednesday. This marks Amazon's first real tablet venture. The initial specs sound pretty good: 7" touchscreen, protected by gorilla glass; dual core processor; Android and a $199 price tag

The Fire doesn't have much data storage, no card slots, no 3G and the only port is for charging. But it has content. So the question is, can the Fire compete with existing tablets that do more, based mainly on the strength of the Amazon content cloud? It'll be interesting to see and if I can find $200 laying around, I may find out first hand. Of course, if Amazon wants to loan me one to review, you know I will!


Okay, so this has been around for a while, but I'm still trying to figure out how to convince my wife that I need this.

I mean, c'mon you can control it with your iPad or iPhone, plus it has two cameras - me likey!

[via Parrot AR.Drone]