The Rapture Is Upon Us

Jan Luyken's illustration of the rapture described in Matthew 24:40, from the Bowyer Bible.

Jan Luyken's illustration of the rapture described in Matthew 24:40, from the Bowyer Bible.

Well, it's May 21st - the supposed day of the Rapture. The time when all of the chosen people will disappear leaving behind those that must face hell on earth until the end of days.

The bad news for those left behind is - it's gonna suck. The good news - the End of Time is December 22nd, 2012 - so a year and a half of hell on earth.

I personally think nothing will happen, the doomsayers will claim their math was wrong and be silent for a few months. I plan on enjoying the nice weather and having fun with my family. What are your plans for the Rapture? Are you having a party? Have you built a time machine to teleport you and your loved ones back in time? Or have you been too busy preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Drifter Planets

Orphan Planet

The Register

Astronomers have identified a new class of Planet - drifters. These large planets, the size of Jupiter, seem to wander through space. The planets have no discernible orbit.

The number of planets may outnumber the number of stars, and the method used can only detect large planets the size of Jupiter. Which means there may be even more smaller sized orphan planets hurling through space willy nilly.

One more thing to worry about

Rapid Diagnosis Technology Could Save Lives

Ohio Company, Nanologix, has developed a diagnostic kit that can identify pathogens like anthrax or plague four times faster than current methods

[via Reuters]

Green Car Washes – Earth Day Geeky Clean Fun

Wash Drops


No matter what you think of Global Warming, or Global Climate Change, or whatever the current buzz word is - there's no reason to trash the Earth.

I came across this product that lets you wash your car using only one bucket of water. That's right no hose, no rinsing - just Wash Drops and a bucket of water. Sorry if this ruins your visions of beautiful scantily clad women washing your car, but let's face it that wasn't really gonna happen.

So go "Green", conserve some water, feel better and have a clean car.


The future of the Internet – from 1981

This video shows how several newspapers back in the 1980s started posting their content to the Internet.

I love the fact that the Internet user is listed as "Home Computer Owner". Obviously a title of distinction in 1981. What really blows my mind is this was 30 years ago!

Still it's amazing to look at what was "cutting-edge" technology then and look at what we now consider the norm. I'm excited to see what the next 30 years hold.