OMG’s Programmer Defined Ringer Tee

OMG's programmer shirt

OMG's programmer shirt

An awesome geek t-shirt from Omni Mega Global Media - "programmer".

The "programmer" ringer tee features a more accurate definition of what a programmer is.

Available in black, blue or red trim - choose the color you like best. Prices start at $16.99 - available only the the Omni Mega Global Media CafePress store. Buy one today!

Star Wars Glasses – 4 Pack

Star Wars Glasses 4-Pack

Star Wars Glasses 4-Pack

Okay, okay. I know I've been a bit Star Wars heavy lately, but I keep finding really great stuff over at Entertainment Earth. This 4 pack of Star Wars glasses is pure geek heaven. I may be dreaming, but I think I had Star Wars glasses when I was a kid. Perhaps part of a gas station give away.

I do remember getting Cleveland Browns glasses, mainly because my older sister was a tad weak in the knees for the Brian Sipe glass. But I digress.

I am hoping my wife checks out this post and orders these for my upcoming birthday. The 4 pack will set you back a whopping $14.99 plus shipping and taxes if applicable. Oh, and while you're there check out the "Empire Strikes Back" lunch box. What 30-40 year old wouldn't love to take his lunch to work in that?

OMG Media’s “Resistance is Variable Long Sleeve Tee

Resistance is Variable Tee

from Omni Mega Global Media

An awesome geek t-shirt from Omni Mega Global Media - "Resistance is Variable". Made of 6.1 oz 100% luxuriously soft ring spun cotton, this long sleeve tee is sure to please.

The "Resistance is Variable" long sleeve tee features a variable resistance on the front and displays your geek cred, especially if you can tell people how it works. I know how... do you?

Available in White or Grey - choose the color you like best. Prices start at $21.99 - available only the the Omni Mega Global Media CafePress store. Buy one today!

“She’s got it where it counts, kid.”

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Vehicle

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Vehicle

Growing up I loved Star Wars. What am I saying, I still love Star Wars (Jar Jar Binks - not so much). When I was a kid, my cousin had a ton of Star Wars stuff and I always wanted the Millennium Falcon. I can't for the life of me remember what I traded my cousin, but I swapped him something for an original Millennium Falcon.

Fast forward about 10 years and while I was college, my mom decided to clean out the basement. Unfortunately she did not understand how valuable that Millennium Falcon was. She gave it to Goodwill. Yep. She gave it away. *sigh*

Well, now I can once again own the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. You can own one too for around $200. Maybe I can even get my mom to buy it for me. Um. probably not.

Robot Starter Bundles

VEX Robotics Starter Bundle


I've always loved robots, and I've dreamed of designing and building my own ever since watching R2-D2 and C3PO in the original Star Wars - the first time it came out (although now I'd make my C3PO a little less light in the loafers - can a robot be gay?)

I also derived way too much pleasure from watching BattleBots. The idea of two robots battling to their electronic death was really exciting to me. Although, I have to admit, I had wished that the robots were actually programmed to seek and destroy each other, instead of being remote controlled machines of death. But that's the geek in me. That reminds me - does anyone remember the Robot Football league in the Jetsons? Watch the entire episode - The Jetsons: Jetsons' Night Out

But I digress, time continues to slip away and I haven't gotten any where in my robot attempts. I've decide to not reinvent the wheel so to spoke and will be turning to the VEX system to realize my childhood dream. I'll post updates and reviews and discuss what I learn, the good and the bad.

I hope you'll enjoy these posts and I welcome comments and feedback. VEX Robotics