Star Wars Darth Vader CD Boom Box

  • Fantastic Darth Vader CD Boom Box!
  • As the music blasts, the imposing eyes of the Dark Lord glow!
  • This radio / CD player is compatible with MP3 players.
As music blasts out of the speakers, the imposing eyes of Star Wars' Darth Vader are set aglow with bright-red LED lights! The radio / CD player is compatible with MP3 players and includes six control buttons to adjust the music. It also features an AM/FM radio and AUX input jack. The volume control button is integrated into the Dark Lord's mouth, where the CD is positioned to play. This fantastic boom box requires 6x C batteries, not included. This cd boombox measures approximately 11 1/2-inches tall.

Buy Now! - 74.99

Star Wars R2-D2 MP4 Player

This 2 GB MP4 player holds up to 500 songs and music can be played with or without headphones. The player features button controls on the back. The R2-D2 MP4 Player comes complete with C-3P0 headphones! Measures about 4 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches wide. Ages 6 and up.

Buy Now! - 64.99

OMG Media’s “Resistance is Variable Long Sleeve Tee

Resistance is Variable Tee

from Omni Mega Global Media

An awesome geek t-shirt from Omni Mega Global Media - "Resistance is Variable". Made of 6.1 oz 100% luxuriously soft ring spun cotton, this long sleeve tee is sure to please.

The "Resistance is Variable" long sleeve tee features a variable resistance on the front and displays your geek cred, especially if you can tell people how it works. I know how... do you?

Available in White or Grey - choose the color you like best. Prices start at $21.99 - available only the the Omni Mega Global Media CafePress store. Buy one today!

Electrical Engineers Discover “Genius Moment” with Boogie Board Tablet

A Cleveland area company has a pretty cool new device that came out just before Christmas - the Boogie Board™. Kent Displays, Inc. created the Boogie Board™, which is a portable electronic scratch pad. The LCD display is flexible and only uses power to erase the image.

Engineers will find the Boogie Board tablet perfect for “back-of-the-envelop calculations that are sometimes the result of that ‘genius’ moment where you’re incubating ideas for seemingly unsolvable problems,” says EEWeb co-founder Joe Wolen.

The Boogie Board™s are available at Brookstone® stores, or online at - priced around $40.