Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary Hardcover Boo

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Providing a complete, comprehensive overview of the Prequel movies (Episodes I-III) and the Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI), this is the definitive photographic guide to the entire Star Wars saga! Illustrated with more than 1,000 high-quality annotated photographs and stills. Astonishing back story detail supplied by Lucasfilm and not found in any other books. Includes additional spreads, updated text, and new photography. Hardcover book mearues 11 1/4-inches tall x 9 4/5-inches wide.

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Star Wars Clone Wars Incredible Vehicles Book

  • Check out those incredible vehicles from Star Wars: The Clone Wars!
  • 96-page hardcover book features astonishing detail of the spacecraft, aircraft, and landcraft.
  • Never-before-seen images and spreads on every Clone Wars vehicle!
  • Detailed artwork of 8 intricate annotated cross-sections.
  • See the inner components, weapons systems, and construction details!
DK Publishing brings its fantastic Cross-Sections format to the fleet of craft featured in the hit CG-animated TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This 96-page hardcover book measures 9 1/4-inches tall x 6 1/4-inches wide and features new Star Wars articles and technical information. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles presents astonishing detail of the spacecraft, aircraft, and landcraft developed by the engineers on both the Republic and Separatist sides. Peel away the outer panels to reveal the inner components, the weapons systems, and the construction secrets of this world of vehicles! Featuring never-before-seen images and spreads on every Clone Wars vehicle, as well as detailed artwork of 8 intricate annotated cross-sections by technical artist Richard Chasemore, Star Wars The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles shows Clone Wars vehicles in a whole new light! 128 pages. Ages 7 to 17.

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Star Wars Clone Wars Ackbar Underwater Army Hardco

Read about the battles and explore the underworld of Ackbar and the Mon Cal in this Star Wars Clone Wars Ackbar Underwater Army book! With 48 pages of epic adventures, you'll live the events! Order yours today!

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Star Wars Complete Cross Sections Book

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Illustrated with more than 60 breathtaking, detail-rich cross-sections, this is the ultimate guide to the vehicles and spaceships of the entire six-film Star Wars saga. Features all the coolest vehicles from DK's four best-selling cross-section titles. Includes four cross-sections from the original Trilogy. Produced in association with LucasFilm. Hardcover book mearues 13 3/4-inches tall x 10 1/3-inches wide.

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LEGO Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace Hardcover

LEGO Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is an exciting entry in the bestselling series of Star Wars Readers! Follow Jar Jar Binks through the Naboo swamp and see Darth Maul on his Sith speeder bike. Young readers will be on the edge of their seats as the LEGO toys and Star Wars come together in the fun retelling of the first prequel, in the 32 page Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

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