Star Wars Knight Errant Escape #1 SDCC Exclusive E

Jedi Knight Kerra Holt's next mission starts with a very personal and ultra secret investigation! But with the dark realities of Sith territory surrounding her, something unexpected may be taking hold of the lone Jedi! As she takes the first step toward her goal, Kerra knows there will be no turning back! The San Diego Comic-Con 2012 exclusive is a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces!

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Star Wars: Rebellion #12 Comic Book

Star Wars: Rebellion #12 - Small Victories #2 Comic Book. With the Rebel flagship lost deep inside Imperial space, Admiral Ackbar must decide whether to risk the Alliance fleet on a seemingly impossible rescue, or leave Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Luke and Leia have undertaken a seemingly impossible mission of their own with disastrous results. Captured by a corrupt officer on a vital Imperial installation, Luke and Leia have one last chance for their mission and their lives--Deena Shan. Insecure and indecisive, Deena never thought she had much to offer the Rebellion. Now, with the fate of the Alliance in her hands, she hopes she was wrong! 40 pages.

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Star Wars: Dark Times #9 Comic Book

Star Wars: Dark Times #9 Comic Book. Bomo Greenbark and his companions have been imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured, but now Bomo has found a way out. Freedom beckons, but honor demands he take action to free his friends. And action means his captors are about to see a very, very dangerous side of him. Meanwhile, Master K'Kruhk discovers that those under his protection are more in need of it than ever. Bad guys beware! 40 pages.

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Star Wars: Legacy #24 Comic Book

Star Wars: Legacy #24 Comic Book. Cade Skywalker determines to deal with the Empire once and for all in this conclusion to one of the most important stories of the year! When a reunion with old friends is compromised by an Imperial intrusion, Cade realizes there's only one way to stop the Sith-a way that requires a fast ship, a custom-made blaster, and most of all, allies you can trust. Yet not all in his party are who they seem to be, and if Cade's not careful, he might just doom the galaxy's last ray of hope to a dark and devastating fate. 40 pages.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #44 Comic B

  • The story continues!
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  • Imposters in the midst?
The latest masquerade of the Hot Prospect and its crew has been discovered! Up against the Crucible, a massive slave-trading organization, Zayne Carrick is having another streak of unfortunate luck. Zayne and Jarael entered a comet-mining facility with the intention of freeing its slaves and taking a knife to the miners' profits, but when the Crucible is tipped off that imposters are nudging in on their territory, a death-defying space battle ensues! 40 pages.

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