Halo Encyclopedia Hardcover Book

  • Everything you need to know about the Halo universe!
  • An extensive volume based on the popular video game series.
  • Makes a great gift for the gamer in your life!
This stunning 352-page full color hardcover book is a comprehensive guide to the characters, weapons, vehicles, history and locations of the Halo Universe. Order yours today!

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Star Wars Battle For Naboo Hardcover Book

The droid army is coming and Queen Amidala and her people must join forces with Gungans to reclaim their home planet of Naboo before it's too late! Young readers will learn all about the characters, weapons, and vehicles from the climatic battle of Episode I in Star Wars: Battle for Naboo from Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, to the dark side of the Force with the return of the Sith! Book is 48 pages.

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Star Wars Clone Wars Secrets of the Force Sticker

  • Uncover the secrets of The Force

Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle Hardcov

  • Everything you need to know, from beginning to end!
  • An extensive volume that every Star Wars fan will love.
  • 320-page, full-color, hardcover book.
  • Includes details about the movies, TV series, comic books, and video games!
This magnificent 320-page, full-color, hardcover book features-- in chronological order from 1977 to 2009-- a wealth of details about the movies, TV series, comic books, and video games. It contains loads of illustrations and exclusive interviews with people who worked behind the scenes on this incredible saga, all in one extensive volume that every Star Wars fan will love. Order yours today!

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Star Wars Beware the Sith Hardcover Book

Discover the secrets of the dark side and meet the most fearsome and powerful Sith Lords of the Star Wars universe! Star Wars: Beware the Sith takes a look at the missions, plots, duels, and adventures of your favorite Star Wars villains like Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Count Dooku, and Emperor Palpatine. In this 96 page book you will learn how the Sith appear after 1,000 years of exile to fight the Jedi in order to gain power at any cost!

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