Gundam AGE Legilis Advanced Grade 1:144 Scale Mode

The Mobile Suit piloted by the main antagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Fezarl Ezelcant's and Zeheart Galette's Gundam Legilis! This Gundam AGE Legilis Advanced Grade 1:144 Scale Model Kit provides a high level of detail at 1:144 scale. Plus, it comes complete with detachable shield and beam rifles!

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Gundam 00 Virtue 1:144 Scale First Grade Figure

  • Easy to assemble!
  • Detailed!
  • Articulated!
Based on Gundam 00's design settings, this Gundam Virtue First Grade figure is 1:144 scale and requires minor assembly. Model stands about 4-inches tall. Shoulder ball-joints enable crossing of arms. Equipped with beam rifle and shield. Foil stickers included. Instruction manual on the package.

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Gundam 00 Gundam Exia 1:144 Scale Model Kit

  • Build!
  • Detail!
  • Customize!
This Gundam Exia high grade (HG) model kit is 1:144 scale and made of plastic.Chest lens and shoulder belt made with special material. Three-ball action joint installed in the crotch. Replacing wrist included for making varieties of poses. Ball joints installed in the shoulders for flexible movement. Foil stickers included. GN blades, beam sabers, GN daggers and a shield included.

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Gundam Unicorn RX-0 MG Unit 02 Banshee Model Kit

  • Another Master Grade 1:100 scale model kit!
  • Check out RX-0 MG Unit 02 Banshee Gundam!
  • Robot from the Gundam Unicorn anime series.
  • Awesome articulation!
Bandai presents another Master Grade 1:100 scale model kit! This time, it's this superbly detailed Advanced Grade model kit based on the Gundam Unicorn anime series. The nicely articulated RX-0 MG Unit 02 Banshee Gundam Action Figure stands almost 7-inches tall when completed and comes with an amazing gun. Skill level 3. Ages 14 and up.

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ThunderCats Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset

  • Recreate iconic moments from the 2011 animated series!
  • Here's a Tower of Omens Playset for your ThunderCats figures.
  • Features lights, sounds, and an exclusive figure that unlocks features!
  • Includes a Cat Entrance Gate, Catapult, Tower, and ThunderCats Vehicle.
Recreate iconic moments seen in the 2011 ThunderCats animated adventure series from Warner Bros. Animation with this Tower of Omens Playset for your ThunderCats figures! The set features lights and sounds and comes with an exclusive 4-inch scale figure with an embedded magnet to unlock features. A Cat Entrance Gate, Catapult, Tower (with elevator and slide), and Mini ThunderCats Vehicle are also included. Some assembly and 3x LR44 batteries required (not included). Ages 4 and up.

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