Gundam Seed Freedom Gundam Metal Build Action Figu

The highly popular Metal Build line continues with the Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed! This Freedom Gundam features die-cast parts and is capable of awesome action poses, and exhibiting superior articulation and breathtaking detail. This Freedom Gundam action figure represents the pinnacle of robot action figure precision and technology and what will have been a year-long endeavor of one of the greatest design teams ever assembled - overseen by Gundam Seed animator Satoshi Shigeta, and fine-tuned by sculptor Yoichi Sakamoto. The 7-inch action figure will include interchangeable hand parts, shield, beam rifle, special display stand, and special booklet.

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Gundam 00 Over Flag 1:144 Scale Model Kit

  • Build!
  • Detail!
  • Customize!
This Over Flag high grade (HG) model kit is 1:144 scale and made of plastic. Chest lens and shoulder belts made with special material. Three-ball-joint system installed in the crotch. Various wrists included. Ball-joint system installed in the shoulders. Giant shield can be moved and changed into different shapes. Sword parts can be set on the giant shield to express battle mode. Foil stickers included. Rifle, giant shield, shield sword, and beam sabers included.

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Gundam AGE 3 Fortress Advanced Grade Model Kit

Straight out of the Gundam anime and manga series! The Gundam AGE-3 Fortress looks great with all that armor and those intimidating guns. This excellent Gundam AGE 3 Fortress Advanced Grade Model Kit stands over 5-inches tall!

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Gundam Wing Mobile Suit Girl Shojo Action Figure

Mecha and anime girls go together like cookies and milk. With this sentiment in mind Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the second Armored Girls Project release with a very sexy Gundam Wing Endless Waltz mobile suit clad babe! Attachable armor parts, original posing gimmicks, and compatibility with Gundam Wing Robot Spirits titles are sure to make for the ultimate in armored girl satisfaction. This 5 1/2-inch action figure set features a full array of interchangeable armor, head, hair, and hand parts. Massive rifle, shield, and beam saber weapon accessories, as well as special display stand are also included. Ages 15 and up.

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Gundam 00 O Raiser 1:100 Scale Model Kit

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  • Detail!
  • Customize!
This O Raiser model kit is 1:100 scale and made of plastic. The support unit from Gundam 00! Can be combined with the 1/100 Gundam 00 (sold separately). Features realistic aerodynamic proportions in flight mode. Utilizes translucent parts for the canopy and other areas.

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