Apple’s next big thing – according to Conan

Conan poke fun a Apple's latest product.

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Conan’s Take on the iPad 2

Perhaps Apple is getting a little cocky.

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Are weak PC sales the result of the economy or Apple?

An article posted at yesterday begs the question: Are weak PC sales the result of the economy or Apple?

If you assembled all the things affecting PC sales at enterprise vendors into a word cloud it might look something like this: "Apple" would dominate in bold jumbo letters, and perhaps in similar-size letters would appear "economy," along with still-smaller names of the various Android tablets, and the names of vendors selling heavily discounted PCs.

The trend seems to be businesses increasing their spending on PCs, but home users are flocking to Apple.

I for one have several PCs and an iPad. I would love to get my hands on a new XOOM or an equivalent Android based tablet, but the economy is affecting my decision to purchase at this time.

Where is Windows in all of this? While they do have several Windows coming soon, I don't see them as gaining a major foothold in mobile tablet computing - just look at their lack of success in the smart phone market.

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