The iPad 2 is out, should you buy one?

I currently have an iPad v1. For the most part I like it a lot. My biggest complaints are the lacking of Flash capabilities - I know, I know. Flash is slow, flash is buggy, flash is blah, blah blah. Fact is, most videos being shared, at least by my friends, are Flash. So if I want to watch them, I have to get off my lazy butt and go to my computer. Oh, and I can't print to my network printer.

For a while, I've been salivating over the Motorola XOOM - it has HDMI out, microUSB, 10.1" screen. Problem is, it's $800. $600 if I sign a 2 year contract, which means I'll be paying for connectivity when it becomes obsolete.

Yahoo News has a new comparison of the iPad 2 versus some other tablets, including the XOOM, the Samsung Galaxy and the Dell Streak 7.

I'm still leaning towards the XOOM, but if they can slash another $200 off the price and make it a one year contract, I'd buy one today. Hell, I'd probably buy one for my wife too!

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