STAR WARS™ Invades LEGOLAND® California

I can't tell you how much I'd love to live in California right now. Never mind the insane cost of living (thank you Northeast Ohio for being some reasonable!) or the fact the the State is broke. LEGOLAND® in Carlsbad willing be unveiling the new STAR WARS™ Miniland area in March of this year!

LEGO™ Millennium Falcon

Photo: LEGOLAND™ Media Relations

The Miniland will consists of 7 different scenes, one scene from each movie and one from THE CLONE WARS.

Episode IV: Tatooine
This LEGOLAND scene focuses on famous structures of the desert planet: Uncle Owen’s Farm, where Luke Skywalker lived as a child; the Cantina, with a view inside of the animated Cantina Band, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2 and others; as well as the starport with an impressive model of the Millennium Falcon, the famous spacecraft of Han Solo.

According to the LEGOLAND® site tickets for Adults are $69 and Children 3-12 are $59 - so it's a pretty expensive family outing - but it may be worth it. Although I may be tempted to just spend that money on Star Wars™ LEGO® kits and admire them (albeit in a much smaller scale) at home.

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