R.I.P. my Droid Eris, Hello iPhone 4s

Well, my Droid Eris isn't totally dead, but the screen is shattered. Thanks to my cat, or should I say my wife's cat, the Eris was the unwitting subject of a physics experiment. The cat decided to test Newton's 3rd law of motion and got to observe the force of gravity as the phone smashed onto the floor.

Now, I know the smartphones are pricey, which is why I had insurance on the phone. So I wasn't too worried. I knew it was covered and I also knew that I was due for an upgrade soon, if not already.

I headed down to my local Verizon store to check out my options.

I was told that there was a $99 deductible and I could get a new Droid Eris. Well, that would make me whole - minus $99 that is. So I asked what else I could do.

Well, lucky me I was eligible for an upgrade and even had a $50 upgrade credit. So for $159 I got a new 16GB iPhone 4s.

Well, I ordered a new 16 GB iPhone 4s. It should be here in a few weeks. So for now I'm using my busted Droid with a few layers of clear packing tape on the screen to minimize the lacerations to my thumbs while I wait.

I look forward to playing with the new phone when it arrives and I hope to use it post more regularly to this site.

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