Efficient Zeppelins – Carriers of the Future?

Aeros Zeppelin

Source: PopSci

As someone that grew up not that far from Akron, OH - you'd think I'd have had my share of blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins (yes they are all different and Goodyear had blimps) - but you are wrong.

I still love seeing an airship floating in the sky above. There is something, I don't know, primal, if you will, about it. Sure airplanes are bigger heavier and can travel much faster, but this bulbous, slow moving object floating through the atmosphere - well - I love it.

Now a California company, Aeros, is working on a new design that would make these great beasts economical, efficient cargo movers. Just imagine how cool that would be. Read the whole story over at PopSci.com

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