Star Wars Glasses – 4 Pack

Star Wars Glasses 4-Pack

Star Wars Glasses 4-Pack

Okay, okay. I know I've been a bit Star Wars heavy lately, but I keep finding really great stuff over at Entertainment Earth. This 4 pack of Star Wars glasses is pure geek heaven. I may be dreaming, but I think I had Star Wars glasses when I was a kid. Perhaps part of a gas station give away.

I do remember getting Cleveland Browns glasses, mainly because my older sister was a tad weak in the knees for the Brian Sipe glass. But I digress.

I am hoping my wife checks out this post and orders these for my upcoming birthday. The 4 pack will set you back a whopping $14.99 plus shipping and taxes if applicable. Oh, and while you're there check out the "Empire Strikes Back" lunch box. What 30-40 year old wouldn't love to take his lunch to work in that?

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