What’s your favorite online programming resource?

Do you have a favorite web site you hit when confronted with a programming issue? Is there a certain "go to guy", so to speak?

I've used sites like SitePoint and Lynda.com to learn a lot about various programming languages and tools. I like the specials that SitePoint runs and their articles have a lot of great examples. Even though I've bought quite a few of their books and even taken some online courses they offer, I still find my self gravitating to some of their articles, because they are a convenient way to look up the information I need quickly.

Lynda.com's online tutorials are very well done, and reasonably priced. I use the $25 a month option and have access to really in depth videos on a wide variety of topics. I have to admit, when I first went to the site, I thought the videos were way too short, then I realized that the times were in hours and minutes, not minutes and seconds.

So, there are two of the online resources that I use. What do you use?

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