Star Wars Like Beggar’s Canyon Paper Giclee Print

  • Luke Skywalker wearing his Rebel pilot uniform!
  • Limited edition Star Wars giclee on paper.
  • Eye-catching art from Ben Curtis Jones.
  • This print will look mighty fine hanging in your home or office!
This stylized rendering of Luke Skywalker wearing his Rebel pilot uniform against an orange background will look mighty fine hanging in your home or office. The eye-catching Star Wars Like Beggar's Canyon Paper Giclee Print is by artist Ben Curtis Jones. Printed on paper and measuring 19-inches tall x 13-inches wide, it's a limited edition of just 95 pieces.

Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is an invented name for the process of making fine-art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing. The word was coined to distinguish commonly known industrial Iris proofs from the fine-art prints artists were producing on the same printers. The name has since come to mean any high-quality, ink-jet print, and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such. In the past few years, the word (as a fine-art term) has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant archival inks and the inkjet printers that use them. A wide variety of substrates are available, including various textures and finishes such as matte photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl.

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