Star Wars Leia Confined Paper Giclee Print

  • Awesome and incredible Star Wars Paper giclee print!
  • Hand-numbered artwork with Certificate of Authenticity!
  • Limited to just 95 pieces worldwide!
The pacified Princess. Leia Organa chained and constrained, shackled and confined to the side of Jabba the Hutt and relegated to wearing a sexy slave's outfit. What Jabba the Hutt didn't know, though, was that you can take Princess Leia down, but you can't take her out. Jabba the Hutt's mistake in underestimating the tenacity of Princess Leia ended up being his downfall, as Leia used the very chains that Jabba had intended to tether her with in strangling him to death. But there's no reason to be reminded of the violence that Princess Leia can exhibit, instead, just remember her during more tranquil times; before she murdered Jabba and was just his sexy slave. That's what this canvas giclee print commemorates. It's Leia in her most vulnerable state, when she looked her best. This 19-inch by 13-inch canvas giclee print would look absolutely perfect hung up on your wall.