Star Wars Hunt for Grievous Action Figure Battle P

  • Captain Rex is shot through the heart-- and you're to blame!
  • General Grievous, Clone Trooper Kix, and Captain Rex include a bunch of great accessories.
  • Star Wars Battle Packs provide hours of fun!
  • Includes Galactic Battle Game pieces, too!
Can you save the desperate Jedi Knights from Separatist leader General Grievous and his legion of super battle droids? Experience again one of the most exhilarating conflicts of the Clone Wars with the Star Wars Hunt for Grievous Action Figure Battle Pack. This nifty collection contains 3 cool 3 3/4-inch action figures with accessories: Rex with dual pistols, a Clone Trooper with a gun, and General Grievous with dual green and blue lightsabers. This battle pack also comes with Battle Game cards and stand! All can be yours for a pittance! Ages 4 and up.

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