Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Jedi Belt with Accessor

  • Just what the well-equipped Jedi needs!
  • Complete your Anakin Skywalker costume with this Star Wars Jedi Belt.
  • High-grade leather, accurate buckle, pouches, food capsules, and more!
Just what the well-equipped Jedi needs! This exceptional belt is made of the highest grade leather. It includes an accurate belt buckle, resin Jedi pouches, Jedi food capsules, and a Covertec belt clip for attaching your lightsaber. No Anakin Skywalker costume is complete without this fantastic accessory! Available in medium and large sizes. Lightsaber not included. Anakin belt comes with following accessories:
1x resin pouch with gold button
1x leather pouch
1x covertec clip
2x gold food capsule
3x silver food capsule
1x copper food capsule
1x grey food capsule

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