Halo Micro Ops Series 2 Large Carded Vehicle & Fig

  • The UNSC Scorpion Tank from the Halo 4 video game!
  • Mini-figures included in each pack.
  • Vehicle and location packs from Halo 4 and Halo: Reach!
Take the fun of Microsoft Studios' Halo video game series with you wherever you go with this Halo Micro Ops Series 2 Large Carded Vehicle and Figure set! Included in the set are the UNSC Scorpion set and the Covenant Watchtower packs. The UNSC Scorpion pack includes a UNSC Scorpion Tank from Halo 4, Master Chief mini-figure, and 2 Marine mini-figures. The Covenant Watchtower pack includes the Covenant Watchtower from Halo: Reach, 2 Jackal Snipers with Needle Rifles, and Jackal Major with Needler. The Scorpion Tank features a hatch that opens and closes along with a rotating and elevating turret, and the Covenant Watchtower features a working gravity lift that elevates figures from the ground level to the top. Mini-figure sizes are 1:100 scale.

This set contains 2 individually packaged packs (subject to change):
1x UNSC Scorpion
1x Covenant Watchtower

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