Gundam 00 O-Raiser Perfect Grade 1:60 Scale Model

  • O Raiser for the extreme Gundam builders out there!
  • Extremely detailed model kit!
  • Plenty of accessories, parts, and decals!
Build a Gundam from scratch! This intricate and O Raiser Perfect Grade 1:60 scale model kit is a definite must-have for any experienced Gundam enthusiast! The model kit comes with display base. Piloted by Setsuna in the hit series, the Raiser Gundam is built at 1:60-scale out of snap-fit, pre-colored parts. Joints are poseable, and the kit comes with LED-powered lights, pre-assembled drive units, GN swords, rifles, and beam sabers. The model can be completed with included stickers and decals.

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