LEGO 3D Milling Machine

Okay, this is really cool and another reason I need to buy LEGO's Mindstorm...

Geek Heaven: A Housing Complex Inspired By Space Invaders


I saw this over at FastCompany - It's a proposed housing project that looks like the aliens from Space Invaders.

The shape is actually a happy accident, intended to increase sunlight for the occupants. Whatever - we'll take it.

[via FastCompany]

Drifter Planets

Orphan Planet

The Register

Astronomers have identified a new class of Planet - drifters. These large planets, the size of Jupiter, seem to wander through space. The planets have no discernible orbit.

The number of planets may outnumber the number of stars, and the method used can only detect large planets the size of Jupiter. Which means there may be even more smaller sized orphan planets hurling through space willy nilly.

One more thing to worry about

Rapid Diagnosis Technology Could Save Lives

Ohio Company, Nanologix, has developed a diagnostic kit that can identify pathogens like anthrax or plague four times faster than current methods

[via Reuters]

Efficient Zeppelins – Carriers of the Future?

Aeros Zeppelin

Source: PopSci

As someone that grew up not that far from Akron, OH - you'd think I'd have had my share of blimps, dirigibles and zeppelins (yes they are all different and Goodyear had blimps) - but you are wrong.

I still love seeing an airship floating in the sky above. There is something, I don't know, primal, if you will, about it. Sure airplanes are bigger heavier and can travel much faster, but this bulbous, slow moving object floating through the atmosphere - well - I love it.

Now a California company, Aeros, is working on a new design that would make these great beasts economical, efficient cargo movers. Just imagine how cool that would be. Read the whole story over at