Kickstarter for MOD Duo

Interested in a software-driven, highly reconfigurable effects pedal? Check out this Kickstarter for MOD Duo.

Mod Duo Kickstarter page

TechJect Robot Dragonfly

This looks too good to be true. The prices I saw on their Indiegogo look reasonable for a platform that could be the next great springboard for DIY robot hackers.

Video Tour of iRobot’s Coolest Stuff

Okay - this video is bit long, but totally worth checking out.  I never knew that iRobot had such a diverse history of innovation.  The first site that had the video, called it a look at iRobot's failed robots, but really most of these were/are viable and show more of iRobot's evolution in robot design.
[via IEEE]

Ghostbusters Theme on Floppy Drives

I love this use of old technology. Better than letting it gather dust in the attic. Kudos to Anand Jain for this ingenious musical treat. [via GeekSugar]

iRobot – Do You?

I've never been so tempted to rip out all of the carpeting in my house and install hardwood, just so I could buy a Roomba. The latest set of commercials from iRobot, simply state, "I robot, do you?". A very clever tag line and brand reinforcement. I often wonder just how good the Roomba is at vacuuming. We have 2 cats and 2 kids and love the thought of a robot dutifully cleaning up after them. I also have visions of someone cross breeding a Roomba with a Shop-Vac, but I have weird dreams.