Mobile Suit Gundam Wing LEO Action Figure Accessor

    Excellent accessory set for the Robot Spirits LEO Zaku!
  • Add some firepower to your Zaku.
  • Just like from the Gundam Wing series!
Replicate the various armament modes of the LEO Zaku from Gundam Wing with this extensive option parts set. This excellent Mobil Suit Gundam Wing LEO Action Figure Accessories set features weapons and parts to enhance the Mobile Suite Gundam Wing LEO Action Figure, sold separately. The accessory set comes with with shoulder beam rifle, dobergun, bazooka, shield, two types of beam sabers, an additional interchangeable hand part, and a movable head.

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Star Wars Clone Wars White ARF Trooper Action Figu

  • Join the Clone Wars with these thrilling figures, each packaged with a fun game piece!
  • Exciting 3 3/4-inch Star Wars action figures in an animated style.
  • Clone Wars Clone includes pistol, rocket, and rocket launcher!
  • Figures are loaded with awesome features!
Star Wars returns to television, and this exciting collection brings back some old favorites, as well as a number of new faces

Star Wars Assault on Geonosis Action Figure Battle

  • Battle it out on Geonosis with Obi-Wan Kenobi, ARF Trooper Trapper, and a Geonosian Warrior!
  • Based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode Landing at Point Rain from season 2!
  • Battle pack includes three 3 3/4-inch tall action figures with all the guns you need.
  • It's the ultimate add-on for your Republic Army!
  • Comes with Galactic Battle Game cards, too!
Battle it out on Geonosis with this great gift set based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Two heroic action figures-- Obi-Wan Kenobi and an ARF Trooper-- are joined by a Geonosian Warrior. Each figure comes with its own accessories: Obi-Wan with his blue lightsaber, Arf Trooper with a gun, and the Geonosian Warrior with detachable wings and gun. The battle pack also comes with Galactic Battle Game cards! It's the ultimate add-on for your Republic Army! Ages 4 and up.

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Star Wars Spirit of Anakin Skywalker Action Figure

Just because you're dead doesn't mean you won't be a great action figure! Celebrate 3 decades of George Lucas' epic chronicle with this marvelous assortment of 30th anniversary action figures!

As the Rebels celebrate their victory over the Empire, the spirit of Anakin Skywalker appears to his son, Luke. But instead of the ravaged Darth Vader he became, it is the youthful Anakin Skywalker who appears, restored at last to the hopeful young Jedi he once was.

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Halo Reach Series 6 Kat Unhelmeted Action Figure

  • Humanity vs. Covenant, who wins?
  • From the Halo: Reach video game!
  • Detailed and articulated figure with accessories!
The Noble Team Spartans of Halo: Reach, unlike Master Chief, are seen both with their helmets and without. This alternate version of Noble Two brings back Kat with her unhelmeted appearance. Figure includes her signature magnum and a frag grenade. Stands about 5 1/2-inches tall. Ages 8 and up.

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