Gundam RX-178 MK-II Aeug Limited Model Kit

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  • Detail!
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This Gundam RX-178 Gundam MK-II A.E.U.G Version 2 master grade (MG) model kit is 1:100 scale and made of plastic. This RX-178 is a limited-edition version of the Ver.2.0 MG Gundam Mk-II that was packaged with the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Blu-Ray DVD set (sold separately). Leg joints feature adjustable extension, allowing the kit to take dramatic action poses from the series. Chest unit and leg units are built around a movable frame, just like in the series. Includes a beam rifle with exchangeable magazine, Hyper Bazooka, retractable shield, two beam sabers, and Vulcan pod.

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Gundam Unicorn ReZEL Typce C Defensor B-Unit Model

Straight out of the Gundam anime and manga series! The Gundam ReZEL Type C Defensor B-Unit looks incredibly intimidating with the two large included guns and wings. This excellent Gundam Unicorn ReZEL Type C Defensor B-Unit High Grade Universal Century Model Kit stands over 5 1/2-inches tall! Ages 15 and up.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Collector Plush

  • Cuddle up to a Sith Lord with this Darth Vader Plush!
  • Star Wars plush stands about 20-inches tall and includes a display stand.
  • What more could a good citizen of the Empire ask for?
Cuddle up to a Sith Lord with this Darth Vader Plush! This lovable Lord of the Sith is soft, but not forgiving! With the Star Wars Darth Vader Collector Plush, you get the ultimate disciple of the Emperor, complete with a stand for display, in a huggable Star Wars plush that's detailed, bendable, and stands approximately 20-inches tall. What more could a good citizen of the Empire ask for?

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ThunderCats 6-Inch Mumm-Ra Collector Action Figure

From the Warner Bros. ThunderCats animated series on the Cartoon Network comes this 6-inch Mumm-Ra collector action figure! Mumm-Ra is the essence of evil, a supreme sorcerer whose name alone strikes fear into the hearts of all. The Mumm-Ra action figure includes a shield, a Sword of Plundar (Long Sword) and a Sword of Plundar (Short Sword). The Lion-O action figure features 18 points of articulation.

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Star Wars C-3PO Jumbo Vintage Kenner Action Figure

  • A great spin on a classic toy!
  • Limited edition 12-inch Vintage C-3PO Action Figure.
  • Modeled after the 1978 3 3/4-inch release