Merry Christmas

To all the geeks out there celebrating Christmas, may you have the geekiest of Christmases and enjoy the time with your friends and family. Merry Christmas, The Geek-Fun family.

Kindle Fire – Christmas Sleeper Hit?

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

I made a pitstop today at Sam's Club and they had a Kindle Fire on display, so I took a few minutes and played around with the demos. I was actually impressed with the speed, the size and the response of the Fire and really for under $200, I think it's a nice alternative to an iPad for people that really don't need all the things an iPad can do.

The Kindle Fire can browse the web and since its content is on the cloud as opposed to the device, it doesn't need a lot of memory.

I think if I were to be looking for a tablet as a gift from my parents, who are both in their 60s, I think the Fire would be the one I would go with. The Fire may be the surprise sleeper hit of Christmas 2011

Star Wars Talk to Your Kids PSA

Every Geek father (or mother) needs to talk to their child about Star Wars. It's important that our children are properly exposed to awesomeness that is the original trilogy. And we need to prepare and protect them from Jar Jar Binks. Enough said.

Michael Bay and GTA IV? NSFW

Thanks to Bob for sharing this with me. If you like GTA IV, and Michael Bay (or hate him) - you'll get a kick outta this. A user found a way to turn off the friction in GTA IV and well, enjoy:

You can find out how to turn off the friction in GTA IV yourself at PC Gamer.

Robot Starter Bundles

VEX Robotics Starter Bundle


I've always loved robots, and I've dreamed of designing and building my own ever since watching R2-D2 and C3PO in the original Star Wars - the first time it came out (although now I'd make my C3PO a little less light in the loafers - can a robot be gay?)

I also derived way too much pleasure from watching BattleBots. The idea of two robots battling to their electronic death was really exciting to me. Although, I have to admit, I had wished that the robots were actually programmed to seek and destroy each other, instead of being remote controlled machines of death. But that's the geek in me. That reminds me - does anyone remember the Robot Football league in the Jetsons? Watch the entire episode - The Jetsons: Jetsons' Night Out

But I digress, time continues to slip away and I haven't gotten any where in my robot attempts. I've decide to not reinvent the wheel so to spoke and will be turning to the VEX system to realize my childhood dream. I'll post updates and reviews and discuss what I learn, the good and the bad.

I hope you'll enjoy these posts and I welcome comments and feedback. VEX Robotics