Kickstarter for MOD Duo

Interested in a software-driven, highly reconfigurable effects pedal? Check out this Kickstarter for MOD Duo.

Mod Duo Kickstarter page

TechJect Robot Dragonfly

This looks too good to be true. The prices I saw on their Indiegogo look reasonable for a platform that could be the next great springboard for DIY robot hackers.

How Many Squares Do You See?

In response to the image asking "how many squares do you see?", I decided to make it easy on you.
How Many Squares Do You See?

How Many Squares Do You See?

So What’s the Fuss About Node.JS?

Site Point - Node.JS

Site Point - Node.JS

You may have heard about Node.JS and wondered what the heck it was. Well, it's pretty cool. It's built on Google's V8 Javascript engine. It's used for quickly writing fast, scalable network applications. Node.JS is geared towards creating real-time interactivity on the web. If you've wanted to program chat application, a stock ticker, or anything that required instant data updating pushed out to thousands of users, Node.JS is what you've been looking for. I picked up the book "Jump Start Node.JS" from SitePoint. I've mentioned SitePoint before, I really do love their books. You can also check out the Node.JS group at

Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Deformed Plush

  • It's love at first squeeze!
  • Cute and cuddly addition to your Star Wars plush army!
  • Just try looking at this Stormtrooper without smiling!
Just try looking at him without smiling. They once served Darth Vader, but now they fulfill another purpose